Therian frees your instincts, because you're made to run.

Don’t think: your run doesn’t end now. Leave no room for distractions: every moment you’re distracted makes your goal less achievable. Man has been made to run since the dawn of time. You just have to break loose. Therian reinvents your body and frees your instincts.

Therian Fascia Sportiva Antisfregamento

When you run, you want to focus only on that. Therian KM protects your chest from the irritating rubbing of the fabric on your nipples. It allows you to focus on your breathing and your stride. The hassle, the pain and the sting due to sweat have disappeared.


What people say

  • During physical activity I sweat a lot and my nipples get chafed when they rub against my t-shirt. It always happened to me, whether I play tennis or run. For days, showering becomes a torture. I’ve been running with Therian KM for months and I no longer have a problem. The best thing about it is that I can wear it as many times as I want and I don’t even realize I have it on.


  • I use Therian KM every day. As far as I can remember, I’ve always had the jogger’s nipple, and I’ve tried everything unsuccessfully. But since I have been using Therian KM, I have run two marathons without the slightest discomfort and after months of daily use, it is still like new.


  • When I buy something, I consider the economic and environmental impact of my choice: packaging, the material it’s made of and recycling. In that aspect, Therian is the ideal: I solved my chafing problem with a product I can use as many times as I want which eliminates the problem of waste.


  • A while ago, I started running to get back in shape and I immediately realized how essential the proper equipment was to avoid pain and discomfort. Shoes are of course vital. And to me, Therian proved its worth too: it simply eliminated my chafing problem, not to mention that it pushed me to persevere.


Running in winter: the cold can be your friend

Running in winter: the cold can be your friend

Every runner knows that winter and cold are not enemies at all, in fact, for many, the sparkling air and the pungent atmosphere stimulate the desire to run. Of course, you need to pay attention to some precautions to get the best out of our training. The low temperatures stimulate the metabolism and the organism […]