Here’s a list of the frequently asked questions about Therian.
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Can I use ointments or Vaseline with Therian KM as additional protection?

It is strongly advised against using Vaseline or other ointments as they could compromise the adherence of Therian KM silicone to your skin, thus nullifying the performance of the product.


Do I need to be waxed to wear Therian KM properly?

No need. Therian KM silicone strips adhere to the skin and, unless you’re extremely hairy, you won’t have any problems wearing it.


How do I know if I'm wearing an incorrect size?

Selection of the correct size is essential. If Therian KM rolls up, the size chosen is too narrow for your chest. The size of Therian KM may not correspond to that of the sportswear you usually buy. Make sure you measure yourself accurately to identify the correct size before buying the product.


How should I wash Therian KM?

Hand washing is recommended. When using Therian KM, you often forget you have it on and only become aware of its presence when it’s time to shower. No problem: you can wash it in the shower and it’ll dry in no time, ready for the next run.


I have problems with the Therian KM size I ordered, can I replace it?

It is possible to return the product within 14 days of purchase. To receive return instructions write to info@therianequipment.com


Does Therian KM also work for women?

Of course it does! Therian KM was designed for men only because women usually already wear a chest protection (top, bra …), but Therian KM can replace traditional protections for more freedom. Just like for men, the size of Therian KM for women is chosen by measuring the circumference of the torso at chest height.