You have decided to start running to improve your fitness and to release tension. Here are 6 tips to get what you are looking for from running.

1. Start with short intervals

You’re excited about your first run? That’s the right attitude. Your initial objective shouldn’t be the longest run possible. Divide your run between 2 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking. Increase your run intervals by one minute per workout, until you can run the entire distance.

2. Don’t run too fast

Many beginners start their run at a fast pace, but any expert will tell you that this tactic never pays. This will only result in pain, fatigue or injuries. As you learn about your body’s limits, give it time to learn about running. Run at a moderate pace.

3. Your body needs time to recover

After your first run, you feel fine and want to go out again. Great! It would be better to rest a day before your next run to avoid injury and fatigue. Your body needs time to recover.

4. Shorten length of your stride to increase your pace

Running is a challenging sport and everyone has his own technique. However, some simple precautions at the beginning will allow you to spend less energy and to develop strength and speed. An example? Do not take too long of a stride. It slows you down. Instead, increase your steps per mile.

5. Listen to fatigue and pain

When starting a new physical activity, it is normal to experience some pain. Muscle soreness in the days following a run should not scare you. You’ll see, it doesn’t take long to disappear. Pain and stiffness in the tendon area should not be underestimated. You may not be wearing suitable shoes, or you may have some inflammation to take care of.

You may also experience some discomfort or pain because of nipples chafing.

6. Choose the equipment carefully

As the right shoes protect your limbs from trauma, Therian KM can solve the discomfort caused by the rubbing of fabric on your nipples.

Get used to wearing Therian KM, a nipple protecting elastic band which is easily put on under running clothing, directly in contact with the skin. Thanks to its silicone stripes, Therian KM does not roll up or slip off. You won’t even be aware of its presence.

Therian KM will become the essential complement to your equipment, the companion of all your future runs that will help you reach your running goals.

Therian KM frees your instincts, because you are made to run.


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