When you are running, the most important thing is concentration, the ability to be in the zone in which the only thing that matters is to keep going. The last thing you want during your run or the training leading to it, is one of those annoying distractions that affects your performance.

One of the most common – and really irritating – problems is the so-called jogger’s nipple.

Just chafing?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert runner or just a beginner, or whether you play football, tennis or basketball: when you run and sweat, the fabric of your jersey or t-shirt will eventually rub on your nipples and cause soreness, chafing, pain and even bleeding in some cases. Regardless of your fitness, it will happen to you at some point on hot or windy days. One thing is certain:  chafing affects you physically and mentally.

Some runners feel this discomfort during the run, but they manage to ignore it, at least the first few times. However, in the shower, the sting becomes real and, the following days, instead of disappearing, the problem may worsen, affecting future trainings and progress.

Keeping the same habits in the hope that your body will get used to or eliminate nipple chafing on its own, won’t do it. You need to do something about it.

Therian KM eliminates nipple rubbing

Many sportsmen resort to so-called “homemade” remedies to solve the problem. They go from adhesive patches to ointments or simply switching to high-tech fabric.

Using the best equipment is the key to achieving your goal, without interference. Finding the best shoes becomes essential to avoid trauma and pain in your lower limbs. Our quest is to find any accessory that enables us to concentrate on running.

Therian KM is a nipple protecting elastic band which is easily put on under running clothing, directly in contact with the skin. Thanks to its silicone stripes, Therian KM does not roll up or slip off. Those who have tried it say that, after just a few steps, they’re not even aware they’re wearing it. Covering the chest, Therian KM completely eliminates nipple rubbing. Once you’re done, simply wash it by hand. It dries quickly so you’ll be back in action in no time.

Therian KM frees your instincts, because you are made to run.


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